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Spark Synergy was born out of a love for people and a firm belief that we can achieve more by working better together!

Through dynamic HR Strategy, Training & Team Development, and Organizational Planning, I help create higher-performing teams and happier, healthier workplaces.

Improved morale, engagement, performance and retention? Yes, please! 

HR Strategy

Workplace culture can make or break your organization. If you’re experiencing high turnover and absenteeism or having a hard time attracting solid talent, your culture could be the culprit. Together, we can get to the root of the problem and develop strategies to boost employee engagement, retention and recruitment.

Training & Team Development

Dealing with conflict in the workplace? Team just doesn’t seem to jive? Or maybe your team is exceptional and deserves to be shown some solid appreciation! Whichever the case, with a focus on communication, team development, progressive leadership and more, Spark Synergy’s highly participatory training & team development experiences deliver.

Organizational Planning

Strategic Planning. Operational Planning. Succession Planning. Sound dreadful? Not here! These are fabulous opportunities to engage your people, inspire change and transform your organization. Let’s work together to leverage these incredibly valuable tools!

"Jessica’s interpersonal and communication skills allow her to develop strong working relationships with staff, members of the Board of Directors and community partner agencies alike. I am quite impressed with this outstanding young woman..."

- Ray Houde

Retired Executive Director, Counselling & Support Services of SD&G

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